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Monday, January 16, 2006

Cold night, warm fruit

Tonight I got home from a four-day conference to find a bowl of neglected, overripe fruit sitting on my counter. I haven't been craving fresh fruit much this winter, aside from the tart Spanish clemintines that peak this time of year.

So, I decided to dehydrate - a friend of mine recently tipped me off to the ease of drying fresh fruit. No multi-tiered plastic dehydrating contraption is necessary - all one needs is a cooling rack, a low-temperature oven, and time. Slice the fruit into even discs (I had a honeycrisp apple and a bosc pair) and let it sit in a 100 degree oven for about 3 hours, or until the plumpness is replaced by wrinkles. Feel free to do laundry or go out for coffee and forget about the fruit as it dries. My friend told me she once accidentally left apple slices in the oven overnight and woke up to crispy, but still edible fruit.

Warm, sweet, and chewy- the dried fruit was perfect snack for a winter night (no, I'm lying - I made chocolate chip cookies too).


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