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Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to Good Shmeats

Welcome to Good Shmeats

Why is this blog different from all other blogs? The short answer: it's not - it's a aspiring writer 20-something's stab at food writing. The slightly longer, more nuanced answer: I'm a foodie. I never learned to cook growing up, so I only recently realized cooking was a passion. I'm a vegetarian, once vegan. I run a Jewish Community-Supported Agriculture project. I hate the word foodie. I put maple syrup in everything I can. The dominant food systems in America terrify me. I love that eating food is an explicitly sensual act. That we do in public. I'm a little bit frightened to start a blog. This blog is a record of my encounters with the restaurants of New York City.

Some things I'd like this blog to be:
1. a good resource for hungry New Yorkers and visiting friends
2. yet another reason for me to eat. and write about food.
3. a place for readers to share their own food stories
4. witty (though not quite
5. spiced with juicy tidbits - book recommendations, recipes, websites
(don't worry, I'll always give links - here's one Miriam's Kitchen by Elizabeth Erhlich)
6. tasteful. tasty.
7. updated regularly - and a continual work in progress (the blog as a whole and individual pieces)
8. one woman's tribute (mine) to the eating island of New York City
9. a tiny fantasy of mine realized

A few things this blog won't be:
1. all-inclusive: unless someone would like to spring for my dinner
2. structured (at least not in the beginning.)
3. angry - no petulant ranting allowed. unless it's really deserved


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